You don’t have to be a marketing whiz to use our Wizards
Interactive and guided processes take the complexity out of the creation of marketing assets.
Create content and collaborate with others – inside and outside of your organization – to produce a ready-to-implement asset in your marketing strategy. All within daXai.
The magic of daXai is in the Wizards
Creating your own marketing assets with guided processes and built-in collaborative features that follow a
logic-driven path is… well, let’s just say that anything less would be illogical.
Microsoft Awards Preparation
Microsoft Awards used to take FOREVER to complete. Now you don’t have to waste a single nanosecond. Let’s cover all your customer solution bases right now.
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Conquer the blogosphere
Cool, warm, tropical, whatever you please, writing a blog post is a breeze. Simply follow the expert advice and take advantage of the collaboration capabilities.
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Measure marketing ROI
Enhance marketing team comprehension with a data dashboard that translates your complex data into a clear and coherent data story.
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Digital marketing is dynamic and constantly evolving.
Ditto for daXai. Don’t regress. Stay informed and evolve with us.
Make paid search payoff
Compelling landing page creator
Become a thought leader with an eBook
Master the art of email nurturing
Rock a stellar social media campaign
Generate leads with a LinkedIn campaign
Get a content marketing plan
Craft a killer infographic
Map out an executive comms plan
“Mercer-MacKay built our business desk so that we can drive global scale-out marketing support across NetApp, Microsoft and the Microsoft partner eco-system. We believe this next evolution of self-service automation has the ability to have a massive impact on our ‘through-partner’ marketing and sales motions.”
Adam Carroll, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NetApp
“We have used the templates and processes from Mercer-MacKay many times throughout the years. daXai is a great compilation of best practice, current thinking and the hand-holding we need to market more effectively.”
Peter Mackenzie, VP, Business Development, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group
“What we like about the templates that Mercer-MacKay provides is that they provide an ideal framework for creating assets. Whether it is a Microsoft award, a case study, a blog post or more, the guidance for creating thought leadership is built right in.”
John Dathan, General Manager, Insight