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General FAQ

Inquiring data-driven minds want to know…

Technically speaking, daXai is a MaaS (Marketing as a Service) solution.

“I need _____ to improve my overall marketing activities and output.”

See that blank? daXai lets you fill it – faster and better than you ever thought possible.

Broadly: Anyone that puts a high premium on innovation and wants to dramatically improve their marketing activities in an immediately tangible way.

Specifically: Tech companies and partner channel marketing managers.

Granularly: Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Strategists, Digital Marketing Managers, C-Suiters – we could go on.

Basically: You.

Look around. Have you ever seen anything like daXai before? Probably not. Our key differentiators are daXai’s main selling point: “self-serve digital marketing for tech companies.”

The value is obvious in various scenarios.

  • Your marketing resources fall short of your needs (if only there was a way some revolutionary way to optimize your workflows.).
  • You have an incredible wealth of marketing knowledge. (As for your team? Well, let’s just say that maybe having a clone wouldn’t be such an ethical pickle after all.)
  • Your online presence is missing in action. Maybe things would be different if you had VIP access to digital marketing pros who get that “cloud migration” isn’t something that causes significant downpours (but can cause significant downtime if done too hastily).

Because you and your marketing team are under a lot of pressure to optimize your digital marketing experiences. And unless you have tools, templates, and marketing strategies that are tailored to your target audience, you’re pretty much up you-know-what creek without a paddle.

That’s where daXai comes in.

Whether you’re short on resources, talent, or time – if not all the above – you need a digital marketing mentor that takes a best practice approach and has a blueprint for success all laid out for you and your team.

Whether you’re a small team of marketing professionals or a full-blown ISV, daXai’s ready to optimize your overall digital marketing activities.

Learn more about daXai memberships.

We strongly believe that early adopters should be rewarded for getting ahead of the paradigm before it shifts. Which is why anyone who joins our pre-launch list will be treated like a VIP. More than just getting exciting news about daXai’s impending release, they’ll also be receiving an EXCLUSIVE OFFER. Yes, it’s so ridiculously mind-blowing that it warrants all-caps.

Microsoft Awards Preparation Module

No. This is a planning and preparation tool designed to help you identify and collect the information you will need before you begin to create your submission. Once you have written your entry and are ready to submit to Microsoft, go to this site:

Use it as a collaboration and collection destination. Invite team members familiar with the customer’s deployment and ask them to answer the questions that correspond to their area of specialty.

 The more questions you can answer, the better prepared you will be.

 Each submission can take 40-60 hours to complete, including gathering the planning information in this tool.

Export your answers into the Word template and review everyone’s contribution. Then review the questions in the Microsoft award category you want to respond to. Pay attention to both the summary and the actual questions themselves. Ensure that you have collected enough information to answer all the questions.

Begin with a strong opening paragraph that includes all the highlights of your submission. Use headings throughout. That will make it easier for the judges to read.  

The data is yours to maintain in your account. The awards module will be open year-round so that you can begin collecting your story information for next year’s award submissions. The goal is to provide you with a destination that can always be updated with potential award submission stories as they happen.  

 If you need technical support, please visit this page and fill out a request for support. One of our technical experts will be in touch within 24 hours.