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Beta Program

 daXai is a marketing platform designed to help Microsoft partners market more effectively by using best practice methods and a thought-leadership approach to asset creation. The Beta Program will be a hands-on learning experience. Marketers at Microsoft partners will gain marketing expertise as they create and implement their own marketing campaign. Beta bottom line: this is an exclusive VIP opportunity for Microsoft partners who need to market more effectively.

Are you a Microsoft partner or tech marketer that wants to up-level their asset creation? Do you want a lead generation framework that aligns with your digital customer buying journey? Would you like to be regarded as a "thought leader" in your industry? If you answered "oh, heck yeah!" to any of the above, then daXai's Beta Program is for you.

 As buying patterns have changed, Microsoft partners need to attract users digitally and learn how to nurture digital relationships. The key is to build trust. This happens long before meetings take place (in-person or online). Yes, people still buy from people. But the way to convert prospects into faithful customers has changed. You must connect with them digitally first, and then help them along their purchasing decision. Which is exactly what daXai Beta will help you achieve.

 It’s a 3-month program. But we may extend it based on feedback from the participants. So really, it’ll be up to you.

 It’s not a big ask. We expect one dedicated marketer from your organization to attend our training sessions. The training sessions will be LIVE and made available via recording for those who cannot attend.       Also, we ask that all materials needed to launch a successful campaign be completed during the Beta Program. They may be completed by your marketer, or you may have other people on your team – freelance writers, graphic designers, webmasters, etc. – complete some of the work. At all stages, your team will be guided and provided with templates, tips, and ideas for success.       When your team has completed the training sessions, you’re ready to start the program. Note: If you want to incorporate paid channels into your campaign, you'll need to determine your paid media budget (Google Ads/Paid LinkedIn). 

 By the end of the program, your team will have launched a paid search – or a paid LinkedIn campaign – to drive leads.

Microsoft Awards Preparation Module

No. This is a planning and preparation tool designed to help you identify and collect the information you will need before you begin to create your submission. Once you have written your entry and are ready to submit to Microsoft, go to this site: 

 Use it as a collaboration and collection destination. Invite team members familiar with the customer’s deployment and ask them to answer the questions that correspond to their area of specialty.

 The more questions you can answer, the better prepared you will be.

 Each submission can take 40-60 hours to complete, including gathering the planning information in this tool.

 Export your answers into the Word template and review everyone’s contribution. Then review the questions in the Microsoft award category you want to respond to. Pay attention to both the summary and the actual questions themselves. Ensure that you have collected enough information to answer all the questions.

Begin with a strong opening paragraph that includes all the highlights of your submission. Use headings throughout. That will make it easier for the judges to read.  

The data is yours to maintain in your account. The awards module will be open year-round so that you can begin collecting your story information for next year’s award submissions. The goal is to provide you with a destination that can always be updated with potential award submission stories as they happen.  

 If you need technical support, please visit this page and fill out a request for support. One of our technical experts will be in touch within 24 hours.