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Wherever “digital marketing mastery” is on your priority list, we’ve got you covered.

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Microsoft Partners asked. And boy, did we overdeliver.

You can use our Microsoft Awards Preparation Module for free.

Notice we didn’t say “for a limited time only.” It’s free. Forever and always. (Feel free to thank us later, preferably from a podium.)

You get:
  • Microsoft Awards Preparation Module
  • Single-user access
  • Collaboration capabilities
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The knowledge and know-how required to complete and submit a competitive MS Awards submission
Beta Program

In the world of digital marketing, trendsetters are changemakers

Try daXai Beta and launch a marketing campaign with hands-on guidance. Eligible candidates will experience the marketing enhancements of daXai before they reach public.

You get:
  • All Templates for sales enablement and building a lead generation campaign
  • Wizards: Conquer the blogosphere + Measure marketing ROI
  • Single-user access
  • Access to training during the Beta duration
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The advantage of early adoption: exclusive access to unreleased daXai developments that will literally make your every digital marketing effort “industry-leading.”
daXai professional will include so many new features that we’re struggling to figure out how to list them all without exceeding our own word limit.

So how about this: The only thing daXai professional doesn’t do is deep tissue massage (but who knows what the future holds?).
Pause for a moment to reflect on all that marketing awesomeness on display in our Professional membership tier. Now, unfathomable as this may be, imagine something better. Sound too over-the-top to be true? Put a cushion on the floor. Your jaw will thank you later.

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If you want to market more effectively by using best practice methods and a thought-leadership approach to asset creation, then you should use daXai.

  • Microsoft Partners.
  • Technology companies.
  • Marketing agencies/distribution/partnerships
  • Investors in business that lack marketing experience.

 Only if you say “pretty please with a cherry on top!” Just kidding. Yes, of course you can join! There's nothing stopping you from becoming a digital marketing whiz.

Our Lite membership is free and offers immediate access to our Microsoft Awards Preparation Module. It’s like getting a massive – almost to the point of being unfair – head start on your awards competition. 

Our Beta Program offers unrestricted access to current and future daXai developments before they are released to the public. Members will be guided with expert care and guidance through the process of creating thought-leadership assets and launching a campaign.

It’s really simple. Just fill out this questionnaire to determine your eligibility.

Available now:

  • Lite (free)
  • Beta Program (free pending eligibility)

Coming soon:

  • Professional
  • Elite

 The Beta Program is currently accepting candidates.


Digital marketing becomes a lot harder and less fun.

Membership abilities are based on a single-user/account. You can invite others to collaborate on assets within our Wizards feature. However, your collaborators will be required to create their own account and login with their own credentials. Access will be congruent with their membership tier (Lite or Beta).