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$199 $499 USD / month*

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You get:

  • Single user
  • 1 daXai dollar
  • Access to all Templates
  • Access to all Wizards
  • Access to all Marketing Mastery VIP content


Let’s talk.

You get:

  • Single user
  • 1 daXai dollar
  • Access to all Templates
  • Access to all Wizards
  • Access to all Marketing Mastery VIP content
  • Custom white label campaign
  • Customer Engagement Manager


Let’s talk.

Are you an ISV or a Distributor who wants to help your channel become better digital marketers? Empower your partners with thought leadership and storytelling campaigns customized for your solutions. Enterprise is made for Partner Marketing.

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You + daXai dollars = 1:1 time with team daXai. We can help with graphic design, content and messaging, consultation, whatever you need. Take your pick (and take all the credit).

*Minimum 6 month commitment paid in full.

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You can use our Microsoft Awards Preparation Module for free.

Notice we didn’t say “for a limited time only.” It’s free. Forever and always. (Feel free to thank us later, preferably from a podium.)

Microsoft Awards

Interested in getting help with your submissions in 2023? Reach out to to reserve your spot.

Frequently asked questions about memberships

Because daXai is a modern marketing platform that gives tech companies – especially Microsoft Partners – everything they need to stay current and rise above the noise.

In a word: Yes. In two words: Heck yeah! daXai delivers the tools, templates, wizards, and marketing expertise required to gain mindshare and establish thought leadership. Best practices included.

Pretty much anyone that wants to modernize their marketing efforts. That said, we cater to tech companies. Specifically:

Marketing teams (large and small) that need to improve productivity, upskill team members, fast-track asset creation, create and launch campaigns, and easily track campaign performance – all at the same time.

Partner marketing teams that need their partners to master the art of modern marketing, scale out and use MDF funds more effectively, and accelerate time to value with thought leadership campaigns – all while invigorating their brand and solution messaging.

Small marketing team or global ISV. It doesn’t matter. If you purchase a daXai membership, you’re getting UNLIMITED access to ALL our modern marketing services: templates, wizards, and marketing mastery content. That’s just how daXai works.

It depends on your size and need states. Let’s find the perfect fit:

  • Awards – Always on, always available, and always free. daXai is the “go-to" source for MS Partner Awards preparation. Just fill in the blanks and you’ll have all the information required to write your MS Partner Award at the ready. (You don’t have to wait until February to get started. But if you do, this will save your hickory smoked bacon.)
  • Professional* – Geared for smaller marketing teams and individual contributors. Comes with one user license and one daXai dollar.
  • Team* – ISVs interested in using daXai to scale their partner marketing more easily. Get custom templates and have your partners run campaigns using your messaging and thought leadership. Contact us to talk about white labeling.
  • Enterprise* – Coming soon.

*Receives unlimited access to the full range of daXai’s modern marketing solutions.

Each daXai dollar represents an hour of FREE 1:1 consulting or professional services time with us.

Need help polishing a battlecard? You got it. Want a second pair of eyes to gauge the quality of your landing page? No problem. Looking for a professional polish of your content and message? Look no further. Need some expert advice for your marketing campaign? We can help.

daXai dollars renew annually with your membership. But if you ever need some extra support (or have used up the daXai dollars you’ve got), you can always purchase more daXai dollars within daXai.

Yep. But you’ve got 12 months to use them. And don’t worry. We’ll send some lovingly gentle reminders in the highly unlikely event that you forget to redeem your daXai dollars.

Yes! You can upgrade from an Awards user to a Professional user at any time to gain unlimited access to the full range of daXai’s modern marketing solutions.