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/ ˈdæk-sē / - noun

A simple way for tech marketers to do digital marketing more effectively.

Get the methods, tools, templates, and expertise to create thought-leadership content, build campaigns, measure success, and confidently master the customer buying journey.

Put digital marketing success on cruise control. Shift to daXai.

Digital marketing domination. Made-to-order

Create, launch, and measure your digital marketing activities. daXai makes it possible with easy-to-use templates, wizards, and on-demand access to experts.


Simplify and streamline your content development with templates that take you on a best practices journey. Engage your readers. Expert, on-demand instructional video guidance included.


Take an interactive and guided approach to content creation and campaign execution. With built-in collaboration capabilities, your knowledge-transfer is complete.

Marketing mastery

The mentorship is multimodal. Videos on-demand, live webinars, special guest speakers: all interactive signs point to your digital marketing success.

Pack your launch and prepare for lift-off

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Why do I need daXai?

Because you’re a marketing team that wants to

Improve productivity by accelerating the production and implementation of thought-leadership marketing assets and campaigns.

Upskill your marketing team by going behind the scenes and learning how digital marketing experts pump out ready-to-implement assets in record time.

Get measurable results by benefitting from a solution that high-performing tech companies use to establish thought leadership in their respective industries.

Because you’re a partner marketing team that wants to

Enable your partners to market better by equipping them with the marketing tools, templates and strategies that top tech organizations are using.

Use MDF funds more effectively by helping your partners gain insider access to digital marketing experts to plan and deliver effective campaigns.

Execute compelling co-marketing campaigns by implementing B2B marketing strategies that have been designed to reach and entice your target audience.

Always on. Always available.
Always free.

Preparation isn’t just key. It’s the gateway to the podium. Take the heavy lift out of your Award Preparation with a daXai Awards membership. You’ll have everything you need to write a submission that’s destined to make the judges stop in their tracks and say, “Wowza.”

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“Mercer-MacKay built our business desk so that we can drive global scale-out marketing support across NetApp, Microsoft and the Microsoft partner eco-system. We believe this next evolution of self-service automation has the ability to have a massive impact on our ‘through-partner’ marketing and sales motions.”

Adam Carroll, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NetApp

“We have used the templates and processes from Mercer-MacKay many times throughout the years. daXai is a great compilation of best practice, current thinking and the hand-holding we need to market more effectively.”

Peter Mackenzie, VP, Business Development, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group

“As one of Canada’s most successful technology start-ups, we have limited marketing resources and experience. The Mercer-MacKay new SaaS marketing portal, daXai, is exactly what we need, augmenting our own internal team with templates, processes, training and access to experts.”

Craig McLellan, Founder and CEO, ThinkOn

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